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  New record for Iran from Kingfishers family

An individual of Gray-headed Kingfisher -Halcyon leucocephala- was observed in Jask which is a ‎port town located in the south of Iran near the Strait of Hormuz by the local birdwatcher Mr. ‎Hosein Barazordeh on 27th of May 2021. It is the first time this species has been recorded in Iran


photo by Mr.Hosein Barazorde

Gray-headed Kingfisher is an African bird and a summer visitor in Arabian Peninsula. This record ‎in Iran is more valuable as it is the most northern locality where Grey-headed kingfisher has been ‎observed and it could be interesting for researchers working on birds’ distribution dynamics. ‎

تاریخ ارسال: 5/29/2021