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  Sind Woodpecker

Sind Woodpecker

Scientific name: Dendrocopos assimilis

Morphological characteristics:

Length: 20-30 cm

Wingspan: 11-12 cm

Identification characteristics: Similar to “Syrian Woodpecker”, but smaller, with fully red crown (in males), slender bill and thinner moustache. Male and female are mostly similar, without seasonal changes. The cheeks and both sides of the neck are white and the moustache does not reach the back of the head. The upperparts are black with large with patches on wings. Underparts are white, with the red vent.



Mostly feeds on ants, termites, and larvae, but also fruits and nuts taken.1

Biological characteristics:

Habitat: Prefers dry, open scrubs, woodlands and groves of acacia and palm and semi-arid lowlands.

Behavior: Acts like “Syrian Woodpecker” and searches food in trees’ trunks and branches and sometimes on the ground. Calls include a squeaky trill and a single-noted “kwik.”2

Breeding: Monogamous; builds nest on the already-existed holes in the tree-trunk. Breeding starts late March. Usually has three to four smooth and glossy white eggs, 22*17 cm.1

Distribution and abundance: can be found in the south of Sistan & Baluchestan and Hormozgan provinces.  



1. Atlas of Birds of Iran, Mohammad Kaboli, Mansour Aliabadian, Mohammad Tohidifar, Alireza Hashemi, Seyed Babak Musavi, Cees C. Roselaar


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