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  Report of Birdwatching and Mountain climbing in Veresk

Birdwatching and Mountain climbing in Veresk

Program leader : Ehsan Talebi

Participants : Fereshteh Kazemi , Pedram Khalili , Parastoo Hedayatzadeh , Mitra Daneshvar , Sajad Zareian , Zahra Ghiami , Negar Mohammadi , Maryam Taslimi , Hoda Shaker

Report by : Ehsan Talebi

Translated by : Iman Karimi

Generally, Birdwatching seems a kind of passive activity but if you add a little mountaineering it will become more active and at the same time you do sport and have a lot of fun.

It’s been a while that the club wanted to change the type of trips. Finally, the first joint program which was included bird-watching and mountaineering has been held in Savadkooh, Mazandaran province.

Veresk area - Photo by Ehsan Talebi

The trip was lunched at 4:30 AM, on June the 13th with a mini-bus from Arjantine Sq.,Terhan to Veresk in Mazandaran. With respect to the altitude of Veresk and habitat of that location, there would be mountain and forest birds.


Veresk Bridge

Veresk Bridge - Photo by Ehsan Talebi

The bird-watching has been started under the incredible Veresk Bridge which was built in 1940’s. The first specie that has been observed was the magnificent Wallcreeper, exactly under the Veresk Bridge. Fortunately it'd sat on a rock for a while and gave the opportunity to everyone to see this stunning bird.


Wallcreeper - Photo by Pedram Khalili

Point of Wallcreeper

Our group is seeing the Wallcreeper - Photo by Ehsan Talebi

There were also some Common House Martins, after seeing them we’d continued our way on the bank of Veresk River until we found a good place for breakfast.

Near Veresk River

Photo by Hoda Shaker

After having breakfast, gradually we were entering into the forest which it might be a challenge to see birds. But hopefully, we heard the song of Euroasian Blackcap, Common Blackbird and … which was completely acceptable for identifying birds. Some of them were:

Euroasian Blackcap:

Common Blackbird:

Common Chiffchaff:

And also we heard the call of Common Chaffinch which is somehow unaccustomed for many bird-watchers.

Common Chaffinch:


Lesser Whitethroat

Lesser Whitethroat - Photo by Parastoo Hedayatzadeh


Rock Buting

Rock Bunting - photo by Pedram Khalili


Chukar Partridge

Chukar Partridge - Photo by Pedram Khalili

We saw birds of prey as well.

Common Kestrel

Common Kestrel - Photo by Pedram Khalili


Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle - Photo by Maryam Taslimi

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle - Photo by Maryam Taslimi

And some pretended to be one of the birds of prey such as Red-billed Chough!

Red-billed Chough


Veresk area

Veresk Area

Our group is watching birds - Photo by Ehsan Talebi

But one of the most attractive species was Hyrcanian (Caspian) Tit which only two of us , Parastoo Hedayatzadeh and Pedram Khalili , saw it.

Hyrcanian (Caspian) Tit
Hyrcanian (Caspian) Tit - Photo by Pedram Khalili

Hyrcanian (Caspian) Tit -Caspian Tit - Hyrcanian Tit

Hyrcanian (Caspian) Tit - Photo by Pedram Khalili

In this one-day trip we walked more than I expected, around 14 kilometers! That was so good for health!

Veresk area


You can see the checklist of this trip here:

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