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  Observation of one of the most endangered species in Iran

According to the Iran Bird Records Committee, 22 Sociable Lapwing, Vanellus gregarius were recorded in Dashte Azadegan, Beyt Kosar area in Khuzestan Province on February 26th ,2020 by Seyed Bagher Moosavi, one of the conscientious rangers of that territory. This species is highly in danger of extinction and it is in The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Their habitat is steppe, sandy steppe and semi-arid wetlands.


Unfortunately, the habitat of Sociable Lapwing in Dashte Azadegan has been mulching with inorganic oil based mulch in order to prevent dust in the area. However, many experts believe that dust phenomena stems from excessive grazing and drying wetlands. In fact, dust storm is rooted in other parts of this area and not Beyt Kosar. Sandy steppes are rich and suitable for species such as Sociable Lapwing, Agama and Arabian Sand Boa. This type of mulch extremely endangers the wild life and vegetation of that area.


There is a recording of this species which is captured by Seyed Bagher Mousavi and you can watch it here

تاریخ ارسال: 3/2/2020