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  Witnessing the mating calls of the red deer

The Iranian Birding Club organizes a tour to witness the mating calls of the red deer.

Places to be visited: Semnan Province and Roudbarak Protected Area

Tour dates: September 25th to 27th, 2019

Accommodation: Tent

Transportation: Hiace Van

Tour price: USD 200

Maral, Red deer


  • Visiting and spending the night in the unique habitat of Roudbarak
  • Witnessing the mating calls and courtship display of the red deer
  • Observing rare mammals and birds

Top mammals:

  1. Red deer
  2. Roe deer
  3. Brown bear
  4. Wild goat

Top birds:

  1. Hyrcanian (Caspian) Tit
  2. Black Woodpecker
  3. European Honey Buzzard
  4. European Nightjar

Departure details:

Departure date and time: Wednesday September 25th, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Gathering point: Vanak square, Tehran


First day: We will depart from Tehran at 5:00 AM. We will have our breakfast in Shahmirzad, Semnan and head to Roudbarak Protected Area. We would arrive around 10:00 AM to Roudbarak and it would take us around one hour to arrive at the camping area. After setting up the tent and having the lunch, we would go for a walk.

Second day: We would start looking for the red deer and the birds early in the morning and carry on until the evening.

Third day: We will be at the protected area until noon and after having lunch and packing away the tents, we head towards Roudbarak village around 3:00 PM and we depart towards Tehran.

Meals: Full Package

Mandatory things to bring:

  • ID card
  • Sleeping bag
  • Warm cloths (It would be cold during night)
  • Binoculars


  • Professional tour guide
  • Training materials regarding birds and mammals by experienced experts

Please note:

  • We would need to walk around the area in order to find the animals and birds. Therefore, be physically ready and have adequate trekking shoes.
  • The accommodation would be in large group tent if you prefer to stay in a private tent, bring your own tent with you.
  • It is mandatory to put on the right apparel and wear clothing that will blend in to the nature.
  • It’s better to avoid using perfume.
  • Stay with the group and do not scatter.
  • Be present at the gathering point at least 15 minutes before the departure time.

For more information and registration, please contact: 09335090256 or @IBClub




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