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  Khar Turan , Iran 15-17 November 2018

Trip report,

Khar Turan National Park

The Kharturan National Park has two areas, the Wildlife Refuge and the Protected Area. It is considered as Iran’s largest biosphere reserve. It is the home of many mammal species, birds, crawfish and amphibians. Asian Cheetahs and Iranian Zebra are the most famous species there. And also the most important habitats ”pleske's ground jay”. It is the only endemic bird species of Iran.

We arranged a bird watching trip with seven members of club to this area On Wednesday November 15th. Travel started at 5pm from Tehran to the side of Shahrud city in Semnan province and we went to Ghale Balla village. At 10 pm we arrived at the residence.

The day after in early morning, we derived to the Delbar security station. We had some stopped on the way. We saw Eversmann's redstart, red breasted flycatcher, and Eurasian siskin. After that, we went to the security guard to get a entrance permission. Group of Iranian zebra was the first thing we saw. spanish sparrow, crested lark, Masked White Wagtail are our other observation near this point.

Iranian zebra

Afternoon we visited Khankhoodi village, remains of Taher Abad Castle and surrounding gardens, then went back  to our residence.

The next morning, in order to find the pleske's ground jay, we went to Reza Abad village. In Rudshur area we stopped to see Water rails instead of ,we saw Desert lark, Eurasian skylark, Scrub warbler.

water rails

Suddenly we noticed two pleske's ground jay and Slowly approached them. If  we saw them only from our bionuclerer, but it was fantastic.

After that we saw Common chaffinch, Brambling, Eurasian teal, and Northern raven.

On the way back, we were lucky enough to see again Iranian (Pleske's) Ground Jays that were near the road and we watched them very well and took some pictures from inside the car.

pleske's ground jay

After that we came back to our residence and leave there about 5 pm.

List of species:

1 - eurasian teal

2 - eurasian black vulture

3 - eurasian sparrowhawk

4 - long legged buzzard

5 - green sandpiper

6 - water rail

7 - crowned sandgrouse

8 - eurasian collared dove

9 - laughing dove

10 - little owl

11 - bar tailed lark

12 - desert lark

13 - crested lark

14 - eurasian skylark

15 - Masked white wagtail

16 - red breasted flycatcher

17 - eversmann's redstart

18 - common redstart

19 - finsche's wheatear

20 - eastern pied wheatear

21 - song thrush

22 - scrub warbler

23 - common chiffchaff

24 - common chaffinch

25 - brambling

26 - eurasian siskin

27 - house sparrow

28 - eurasian tree sparrow

29 - spanish sparrow

30 - common starling

31 - eurasian magpie

32 - pleske's ground jay

33 - billed chough

34 - northern raven               

Except of other observations includes: Gebeer Gazelle and Feral Goat (of course, kept on the fencings), and Urial mouflon and Persian toad agama is.

Ghale Balla village

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