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  The 51st free promotional birdwatching tour’s report

The 51st free promotional birdwatching tour’s report:

The 51st free promotional birdwatching tour was held jointly by Iranian Birding Club and City Park Birdwatching Site on Thursday, September, 9th in the City Park. 14 people participated in the tour and Mrs. Sara Arab, the birdwatching expert of City Park and Mr. SeyedHamed Moosavi as an expert from Iranian Birding Club guided the tour.

The tour started by introduction of participants at 8 in the morning and after visiting different zones of the park, it ended at 10 a. m.

Spotted Flycatcher and Common Whitethroat were the two targeted species which the group was able to observe and total of 14 species were observed in this 2-hour tour.

Bird Checklist of City Park:

  1. Hooded Crow                    Corvus corone
  2. Rock Dove                           Columba livia
  3. Common Myna                 Acridotheres tristis
  4. Laughing Dove                  Streptopelia senegalensis
  5. Willow Warbler                 Phylloscopus trochilus
  6. Kestrel (common/lesser)
  7. White-eared Bulbul        Pycnonotus leucotis
  8. Common Whitethroat   Sylvia communis
  9. Spotted Flycatcher          Muscicapa striata
  10. White Wagtail                    Motacilla alba
  11. House Sparrow                 Passer domesticus
  12. Great Tit                              Parus major
  13. Alexandrine Parakeet    Psittacula eupatria
  14. Eurasian Tree Sparrow   Passer montanus

Report by: Mitra Daneshvar

تاریخ ارسال: 9/30/2019